The Christian Enigma of Donald Trump

So, what is an Evangelical Christian to make of the President? Here is my current perspective, subject to change.

I didn’t vote for Trump because of concerns about his moral character and his latecomer status to the conservative cause. I still have concerns about the former, but have been pleasantly surprised at the latter.

For the most part he has been very consistent in supporting issues of concern to Christians. Even the great Goliath of Roe v Wade may finally be in the crosshairs.

Is he a “baby Christian” himself as some have suggested? I don’t know, but at the very least he knows who “brought him to the dance.”

But on the downside, critics on the left are quick to point out the hypocrisy of crying “character counts” during the Clinton scandals then giving someone like Trump a pass. They do have a point.

The GOP may have forever forfeited its voice forĀ  values and morality. Whatever good Trump may do, I hope it doesn’t prove to be a Faustian bargain down the road.

Keep It Real,

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