My Pentecostal Journey

Like many of you, I am hesitant to adopt labels and the limitations (or "boxes") that tend to go along with them. I generally describe myself as simply an inner-denominational Christian who respects and learns from all the diverse branches of the Body of Christ. My personal journey has certainly had its share of peaks … Continue reading My Pentecostal Journey

The Word of Faith: A Biblical Overview

It is known by many names: Word of Faith, positive confession, speaking the Word and the derisive term "Name it and claim it." Although the idea is controversial in some circles, the Bible draws an undeniable connection between our faith and the words we speak. The purpose of this message is to examine exactly how … Continue reading The Word of Faith: A Biblical Overview

Christ the Charismatic

I realize that the title of this post is a provocative one, and it is meant to be. However, there is no greater example of a Spirit filled person than the Savior Himself. He is the greatest example of charismatic spirituality that ever lived. Follow along: Matthew 1:18 tells us how Jesus was born of … Continue reading Christ the Charismatic