A Response to “The West Wing” Bible Scene

One would think this would be old news by now, but a twenty year old television clip continues to make waves today. More specifically, this scene from the critically acclaimed TV show “The West Wing” is still frequently used in an attempt to discredit both the Bible and those who believe it: https://youtu.be/S1-ip47WYWc The second … Continue reading A Response to “The West Wing” Bible Scene

Compassionate Conservativism Revisited

Regardless of what one believes about the presidency of George W. Bush, he does deserve credit for introducing a new concept into the American political conscience, one which politicians today would do well to revisit. That concept is known as  "Compassionate Conservativism."   In the president's own words: "I call my philosophy and approach 'Compassionate Conservativism.' … Continue reading Compassionate Conservativism Revisited

Evaluating the Legacy of Jerry Falwell

The sudden passing of the Rev. Jerry Falwell in May of 2007 left little room for equivocation regarding the Moral Majority founder‘s place in history. To his supporters, Falwell was a fearless visionary who helped a wayward nation chart its moral course. To his critics, he was a loose cannon who often used sensationalist and … Continue reading Evaluating the Legacy of Jerry Falwell

Non-Traditionals May Hold Pro Life Future

A problem with our modern political discourse is the tendency to rely on bumper-sticker logic as a substitute for substantive reason. Nowhere is this more evident than in the eternal war over the ethics of abortion. The clichés are all too common: “Don’t force your morality on me,” “Keep your rosaries off of my ovaries” … Continue reading Non-Traditionals May Hold Pro Life Future