The Word of our GOD shall stand forever- Isaiah 40:8

James & Dave's Bible Page

For over 20 years, James and Dave's Bible Page has been dedicated to spreading the Good News of the Gospel, the integrity of God's Word and the unspeakable joy of the Spirit filled life. Although the full site was retired in 2019, the mission goes on!

In the late 1990s, longtime friends James H Boyd and David Pope began publishing their Bible study articles as an email list serve.

James and Dave-Then & Now
James, 1999 James, 2019
Dave, 1999 <Dave, 2019

Eventually, this led to the launch of James and Dave's Bible Page on the old Geocities server. As the following screenshots will show, the site was very reflective of both it's time and it's owners' very limited web skills.

Version 1
Version 2
Version 3
Version 4
Version 5

From there, the site grew to feature over 50 Bible articles, a massive links directory, a chat room and two web rings (remember those)? We were blessed to receive thousands of visits from all around the world.

To keep the message going, we are in the process of republishing some of our best articles in blog form, and they will be included here as we do. Enjoy!

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