Jesus: Conservative or Liberal? Part 3: Biblical Stewardship, Charity and Welfare

Originally published on James and Dave’s Bible Page

As we conclude our series on applying Jesus’ teachings to the modern political arena, I would like to share an illustration from a rather unlikely source: baby sitting. I was once helping to watch two young children, a boy and a girl, for some friends. While we sat in the floor playing with coloring books, the boy suddenly grabbed a handful of his sister’s crayons, which she loudly protested. As I thought about it later, I wondered which child was more at fault; the boy for taking something that didn’t belong to him, or the girl for refusing to share with her brother? On a larger scale, are these not the key issues in our modern debates over poverty and welfare? In this article, we will examine what the Bible says about the stewardship of our material possessions in conjunction with those in need, and how this affects our view of the modern political landscape.

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