A Guided Tour Of The Last Days (by David Pope)

A question that has fascinated Christians through the years is one asked
by the Prophet Daniel at Dan 12.8, “…what shall be the end of these
things?” So, this time, we’ll take a look at the end times. There are
several questions that need to be asked in order to understand
eschatology, or the end times. The first is, ‘Why should we bother
studying end times? A valid question, and one that is answered in several
places in Scripture:

(Jas 5.8, 1 Jn 3.2-3, Titus 2.12-13)

The main idea is knowing to a degree what is coming is impetus to live
for our Lord Jesus. We also have Jesus’ own commandments:

(Mk 13.35-37, Lk 24.36)

The Luke reference takes us to our next question: What is to come of the
Church? We submit the Church is to be caught away and NOT be subjected to
the wrath of God described in Rv 4.1-19.10. Consider the following

(I Cor 15.51-52, I Ths 4.14-18, 5.9)

Someone said, “Well, God has never taken His people out of tribulation
before.” We submit this is EXACTLY what happened with Lot and his people
at Sodom, Noah and his family in the Ark, Israel being taken out of
Egypt, and the Apostle Paul’s many deliverances from the hand of those
that intended to kill him. This is also when the Judgement Seat Of Christ
occurs (I Cor 3.12-15) where we are rewarded for good works done in
fellowship with God. Have you ever heard we’ll rule and reign with
Christ? (I Cor 6.2, Rev 2.26-27, 20. 4) Well, these good works
(specifically, the faithfulness evidenced thereby) will determine our
status in the 1000 Year Reign. You see, during this period, the world’s
governments are replaced by the Church under the literal, visible
headship of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ (Rev 20.4). The fact of
the existance of a 1000 year reign is a Bible truth, as it is mentioned
SIX times in one chapter, Rv 20. It is also referred to in Eph 1.10 as
“… the dispensation of the fullness of times…” There are several
purposes for this:

1) The completion of the Great Commission (Mt 24.14)

2) The elimination of all rebellion to God and Christ (I Cor 15.24)

3) Restoring the world to its original perfect state (Ac 3.21)

As we said, saints are judged before this 1000 year period. The lost are
judged at the close of this period.

(Rv 20.11-15)

While our worksd stood to reward us at ther Judgement Seat Of Christ,
works stand against the lost person at this Great White Throne (Rm
3.23).While at the Judgement Seat of Christ we have our Advocate, Jesus
(I Jn 2.1-2), to plead our case, the lost person has only their works to
persent to God; religion, the devil’s counterfeit Christianity. Now, we
come into what is referred to as the Eternal Perfect State, and we’ll let
Scripture be its own commentary:

(Rv 21.1-7)

So, we’ve come from the catching away of the saints all the way to the
removal of all rebellion adn the restoration of the Universe to the way
it was before the fall; Eph 2.7’s “…ages to come…” where, according
to II Ptr 3.13, dwelleth righteousness. This is the complete fulfillment
of God’s plan for His creation that He loved so much He sent His Son to
die for it. In closing, let us say, “Even so, COME LORD JESUS!” (Rev
22.20) May God’s best be yours in this new milinnium.

© 1999 DIP

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