NOW Faith: A Meditation (By David Pope)

Our senses tell us there are four dimensions, Height, Depth, Width, and Time. I suggest we add another one to the list: Faith.

Some people might say that faith is a set of beliefs. They talk about the Christian Faith, or the Jewish Faith, or the Muslim Faith, or the Methodist Faith, or the Baptist Faith, or the Anglican Faith, or the Catholic Faith.

They miss the point. Faith is something that can be measured.

Your Bible tells you that you have the measure of faith.

Jesus said if you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, that great things would be yours.

We have all heard of some people like George Mueller, who seemed to get his prayers answered unusually quickly.

The Buick Century got its name because it was one of the first production cars that could go a hundred miles an hour. An advertisement for that car in the late 1930s had as its slogan, “Now, that’s travelin’!”

Natural men now think moving two hundred miles an hour in a stock car is fast. They think several times the speed of sound in a jet fighter is beyond cutting edge.

They will tell you that light from certain stars that is now reaching the Earth left the star hundreds of thousands or millions of years ago.

In some cases, the scientists tell us that the original star itself is extinct.

There is a speed that is so rapid that natural men can’t even sense it. It is called the speed of faith. Consider the following:

Wind usually travels at less than 10 miles an hour.

Sound travels at roughly 600 miles an hour.

Light travels at about 186000 miles a second.

In contrast, faith has no speed. Faith is NOW. In other words, faith simply IS!

When you pray, believe you receive, and you HAVE.

This is striking: the only times in all the Gospel accounts we see the Master surprised is at acts of Faith: “I have not seen such faith, no, not in all Israel.” “When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the Earth?”

Beloved, NOW are we the Children of God.

He that believes, HAS (present tense) Eternal Life.

NOW Faith IS the evidence of things hoped for, the substance of things not seen.

God is a Faith God: “Tell them I AM sent you.”

Jesus is the Faith Son of a Faith God: “Before Abraham was, I AM.”

He promises “What things so ever you desire, when you pray, believe you receive them, and you shall have them.”

Jesus spoke, and the dead received life.

Jesus spoke, and devils fled in terror.

Jesus spoke and the sick were healed.

Jesus spoke, and a handful of New Creations transformed the entire world: “Go ye unto all the world…”

He told US to have the God-kind of faith in Mark 11:22. Your margin notes might even say, “have the faith of God”

It boggles the natural mind.

What can God possibly have faith in? Faith in the power of His own Words.

Just like Dollars are the currency of the natural world, God’s Words are the currency of the Kingdom.

The angel came to Daniel for his words.

God believed what He said would come to pass, and it DID.

God spoke, and the entire Universe IS.

Likewise, Jesus spoke the devils out. He talked healing. He said, “ I AM the Resurrection.” He said, “I AM the Way, the Reality, and the Life.” There is no record anywhere of Jesus ever doubting His own words.

“He that has seen Me, has seen the Father.”

“I AM Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last.”

This is striking: We have no record of the Master even raising His voice in the three Synoptic Gospels, Matthew, Mark and Luke. He just spoke confident, faith-filled words.

This word, confidence, bears pondering on. It is from two Latin words, “con” and “fide”; confidence literally means “with faith”. The Faith Son of our Faith God spoke confident words, and got results. Similarly, Paul and the Apostles spoke confident words, and got results.

We have the same Divine Nature, the same Faith Nature they had. NOW!

We, having the same Spirit of Faith, believe, and we should also speak. NOW!

We talk about talking healing, and prosperity, and we should, but we cannot neglect the fact that tens of thousands go to Hell every day.

We need to command those fields that are white to the harvest to be filled with workers, and then join forces with them. NOW!

Heaven’s joys await, as do Hell’s flames. NOW!

The power has been delegated to us. We are the Body of Christ, and members in particular.


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