Alcohol: To Imbibe Or Not To Imbibe?

The issue of alcohol has always been a controversial one within the Christian community. Did Jesus make, or advocate the use of, intoxicating wine? Is having an occasional drink really that big of a deal? These are certainly valid questions that committed Christians have asked over the years. Beliefs and practices among individuals vary. Baptists, … Continue reading Alcohol: To Imbibe Or Not To Imbibe?

“F Word” Needs Clearer Definition

Originally published in The Tennessee Journalist May 27, 2009, not THAT “f-word.” Rather, the f-word I refer to sometimes draws an even more negative reaction. That word is “Fundamentalism.” "Fundamentalism" is a specifically Christian term. Consequentially, much modern usage in the media (i.e. attributing the 9-11 attacks to "Islamic Fundamentalists") is a severe misrepresentation … Continue reading “F Word” Needs Clearer Definition

The Unpardonable Sin?

Is there really an unforgivable sin? Yes, but if you are worried that you have committed it then you haven't. Three of the four Gospels record these terrifying words from the lips of Jesus: Therefore I tell you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven people, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be … Continue reading The Unpardonable Sin?